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The Inanna Project

In progress

With and by: Hyun Ju Baek, Ettore Brocca, Kei Franklin, Alejandro Linares, Jessica Losilla-Hébrail, Fabio Pagano and Thomas Richards 

Directed by: Thomas Richards 

Assistant Director: Jessica Losilla-Hébrail

Theatre No Theatre is pleased to announce The Inanna Project, a long-term creative initiative that will bring to life a cycle of Sumerian poems based on the ancient figure of the High Priestess, Inanna.

Inanna and the Huluppu Tree

Inanna and the God of Wisdom

Femininity and the perpetual quest for self-discovery

The figure of Inanna – central in Sumerian mythology – does not just represent a deity, but is a symbol of femininity, power, spirituality, and fortitude. Her story, etched into the annals of human history, traces back to the third millennium BCE to ancient Mesopotamia, which might be seen as a cradle of civilization. Inanna's significance within the pantheon of gods and goddesses was immense. She was the goddess of love, war, and fertility. Her figure also reflects the multi-layered complexity of human nature. Inanna's journey, filled with humorous and profound trials and tribulations, serves as a metaphor for the human condition, highlighting the eternal struggle for self-realisation and inner evolution.

The Courtship of Inanna and Dumuzi

The Descent of Inanna

Bringing the ancient poems into song

Theatre No Theatre team members, along with selected Artists-in-Residence, have embarked on a journey to bring these ancient verses to life. The Project encompasses the translation of these ancient poems into languages spoken by the performers (including Spanish, English, Korean, Italian, and Hebrew), and delves into the development of sonic creations inspired by the traditions of singing and storytelling coming from the diverse cultures from which the performers hail. With dedication to meticulous research, translation, and the composition of song, we are creating a performance that strives to transcend barriers that can appear in our perception due to linguistic and cultural differences. We also aim to bring to life in our modern era the age-old art of storytelling through song.

The Return 

Hymn: The Lady of the Morning

Tradition and innovation 

The Inanna Project strives not only to be a locus of cultural exchange and international collaboration, but also to foster an appreciation for respectful interplay between tradition and innovation, and also between the present day and the past. Aiming for high quality in musical composition and execution, the composers/performers wish to bridge gaps which they have found between themselves and their own traditions, connecting threads of personal history, while weaving together a complex performative tapestry that will be a testimony to essential and universal aspects of human experience. We approach these ancient texts as if they may hold a secret for us today, asking ourselves: what might these poems teach us about ourselves, life, and one another?

Hymn: The Holy One

Periodically, as the performance is created, Theatre No Theatre will share online fragments of rehearsals and elements of the creative process.


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